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Corporate Overview

LAUNCHED over 17 years ago with a “strong mission to provide a comprehensive management of airline business in India, matching international standards”, Aero Sail Services Pvt. Ltd., a leader in GSSA services, is headquartered in Mumbai and has full-fledged regional offices in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Trichy, Trivandrum, Cochin and Hyderabad. The company has excellent relationship with cargo agents all over India. It has the capability to open offices in any city of India within a short notice of 30 days! Established in August 2000 with a single airline, Uzbekistan Airways in Mumbai for operation as cargo CSA, Aero Sail has registered strong growth to represent international airlines in India. The positive results are attributed to the trust of partner airlines, principals and customers. The company with a dedicated team of Aero Sail professionals is very good in sales, marketing, operations, accounts and finance.

Today, our portfolio encompasses over 10 international airlines supported by professionals across a network of six offices in India, dealing with over 300 IATA agents and knowing and understanding needs of sub-agents and various exporters all over India.

In August this year (Yr 2017), Aero Sail will be completing 17 years of Trust and Commitment towards dedicated service and relationship with its partner airlines, principals and customers.

Aero Sail, which keeps upgrading its services to its principals and customers, has a skilled management with an experience of over a decade in managing cargo space sales for international airlines in India. We have full expertise to meet the needs of our partner airlines and principals in India as their GSSA.

Global airlines and principals that Aero Sail represents in India include, Malaysia Airlines(GSSA: ALL South India), Air Namibia, Lot Polish Airlines, Liat Cargo, Shenzhen Airlines, RUS Aviation (CSA:DEL/CCU). Handling Magma Aviation Charters. Successfully selling and handling into DEL/BOM.

Aero Sail has been witnessing a quality leap in its service to its partner airlines and principals and with an excellent team, skilled and experienced with excellent customer service, systems, accounts and practices and has the expertise to develop and ensure a fair market share for each of the products represented.

Aero Sail also handles import consolidations as a neutral GSSA, thus giving the comfort level to all agents and freight forwarders with the neutrality and security of their documents in consol shipments.

Financially sound and stable, Aero Sail maintains neutrality and loyalty towards all its partner carriers, principals, freight agencies and customers. Over the years, we have developed expertise, created infrastructure, developed relationships and increased financial support to provide the customers with a full range of cargo services. We are well equipped to provide tailor-made services meeting specific requirements of customers.

Aero sail service profile includes sales; marketing; operations; express cargo; temperature control cargo; pharmaceuticals; and various other forms of cargo; coordination with handling agent; represent airlines in trade forums; advertising and business promotion; regular market update to airlines on competitors activity; monthly reports on revenue/yields in agreed formats; distribution and control of revenue documents; preparation and conciliation of CSR; collection of payments from agents; reconciliation of accounts; remittance of funds to airlines and principals; finance and administration. Aero Sail has experienced and motivated sales teams covering all regions, cities, small cities and cargo hubs in the country

Delivering the entire spectrum of air transport management services to airline industry involving cargo sales and marketing. Aero Sail’s value-adds include customer relation management for all agents including complaint handling, direct response to customers, compensation, coordination with legal advisor, etc. on behalf of and in close coordination with the airlines and principals, marketing activities including budget, forecast, event management, market communication, critical performance analysis and activity plan, participating and supporting all yield improvement programmes following ethical business practices, consultative and supporting role on major issues such as air political matters, taxation, dealing with local regulatory bodies such as DGCA and reduction of operational costs at airport.

All airlines represented by Aero Sail have been developed from scratch in India and we have been comfortable and delivered results by developing a niche market for each one of them and generate fair market share of business for each of partner airlines and principals.

Aero Sail has maintained a sense of strong social responsibility and relationships with the air cargo industry. We take active part in all its functions, conferences and events. We are an associate member of ACAAI. Capt K S Bagga, Managing Director, Aero Sail has been a part of managing committee of Air Cargo Club of BOM for many years and its president from Mid 2009 to 2011.

Our Director Operations, Mr. Sanjay Chand having rich experience in the air cargo business, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • 1985-1992 : Started his aviation career in 1985, and was instrumental in setting up, and running the cargo business for the GSA of Aeroflot Russian Airlines.During this period a number of flights with AN-124 aircraft(payload 110 tons) was operated commercially for the first time to India, and was successfully handled under his supervision.Additionally handled operations of both belly and freighter capacity. Approx 5000 ton annually.
  • 1992-2003: Assisted the GSA of Uzbekistan Airways to set up the pax and cargo operations for HY in India, successfully started scheduled pax flights from Delhi in 1992 and from Amritsar in 2000. Was Cargo Manager India for HY from 1993-2003, overseeing both freighter and pax cargo sales and operation approx 3000 tons annually.
  • 2003-2009: Assisted in setting up of Chapman Freeborn Air Chartering Pvt. Ltd., Indian operation for CFA, which included getting all charter related permissions. As Executive Director reported directly to the board of CFA in London.
  • 2009 - present : Actively participating in all Aerosail Business Development and operational activities. Sucessfully set up full operations for on line flight to Chennai and Delhi with aircraft B-747 200 F of Unitop Airlines the first private Chinese cargo airline based in Wuhan China.
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